Our Approach

Over our seventeen year history, we have developed important, mutually beneficial relationships among our network of Investors, Sponsors, management teams, and companies well known to us. We provide our Investors exceptional co-investment opportunities, investment control, and valuable relationships. By exceptional co-investments, we mean diversified, high-quality, private equity co-investments with outstanding lead Sponsors. We invest in established companies in the small and middle market of the corporate finance and buyout sectors of the private equity industry. We believe this sector offers attractive characteristics for private market investing.

An important distinguishing characteristic of our approach is that we provide our Investors with investment discretion for the substantial majority of their capital. When presented with a co-investment opportunity, our Investors decide whether (or not) to participate. This flexible and tailored approach enables our Investors to construct a portfolio of diverse private investments unique to them.

We greatly value the significant relationships we have built, and will continue to build, with our Sponsors, Investors, portfolio companies, service partners, and other private equity professionals.

This Website Is Designed For Information Purposes Only And Does Not Constitute An Offer, Or Solicitation Of Offers For Any Security Or Any Investment In Any Harris Preston & Partners Fund Or Investment Program. This Website Is Not Meant To Provide Any Investment Advice, Tax Advice Or Service. The Harris Preston Co-Investment Program Is Only Open To Qualified, Sophisticated Investors Whom We Know Well.  Before Being Admitted To The Co-Investment Program, We Must Qualify You And Establish A Substantive Relationship With You.   Past Investments Discussed On This Site Are Not Meant To Be Indicative Of Future Investments And Past Performance Is No Guarantee Of Future Performance. The Investment Program Described In This Website Is Subject To A Variety Of Risks And There Can Be No Assurance That Investment Objectives Will Be Achieved. Any Investment In Securities Involves Substantial Risk, Including The Potential Loss Of Your Investment.

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